Magneto  - Write On Walls

WriteOnWalls – Whiteboard film

WriteOnWalls – Whiteboard film Designed to convert any flat surface into writeable & projectable Whiteboard. It is a multilayer laminate produced by laminating specially formulated white opaque film with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive and silicon release liner. Laminate has a strong hardcoat and long lasting surface. It has the ability to transform any flat surfaces in meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, residences & hotels into writable & projectable whiteboard without sacrificing interior space.



  • Easy to install on any smooth surface eg. Glass, Acrylic sheet, CRCA sheet, Oil painted smooth wall, MDF etc.

  • Excellent write-on and easy wipe off performance.

  • Excellent adhesion to various subtracts.

  • Stain, chemical and abrasion resistant.

  • Can be cut into any size or shape and affixed like sticker on any flat surface.

  • Stain, chemical and abrasion resistant.


Easy to install on any smooth surface

Excellent Write on & easy wipe-off Performance

Excellent adhesion to various substrates

Chemical stains and abrasion resistant

Excellent dimensional stability and conversion properties on computerized cutters


Glass Partition

Acrylic sheet

Oil painted smooth surface


Polycarbonate sheet

Aluminium sheet

Existing White Board

Movable/ Fixed MDF Board Partition


Use a soft fabric for cleaning.

Clean the Whiteboard if the writing content is no longer needed.

Do not use any other harder material for cleaning.

Do not use a Permanent Marker Pen.