Magneto  - Write On Walls

WriteOnWalls – Chalkboard paint

  WriteOnWalls - Chalkboard paint converts surface to chalkboard. Its in matte   finish and can be applied on wall, wood, metal, plasterboard, Glass etc.

It needs to be applied in 2 coats, ensure sufficient time for drying time between each coat.

Its ideal for creating a custom chalkboard on multiple surfaces. It can be used at Home, school, offices

It gives Ultra matt look, eco friendly & Odour free. To get best results before writing on surface, wait for 24 hours after application.

Surface priming before writing: Condition surface for use by rubbing side of chalk over surface and erasing. Use wet cloth for cleaning after 4 – 5 days of application.

Constant washing overtime may compromise the finish and a top up coat is recommended.


How to Apply

Before applying WriteOnWalls - chalkboard paint, clean surface with a sand paper.

If there are small pores on the surface then fill them with a putty.

Apply primer and now you are ready to create your own chalkboard.

Apply one or two coats of chalkboard paint as per your surface requirement.