Write On Walls


What kind of markers can i use it?

Write on Walls works with any low odor whiteboard or dry erase markers.

Can I use chalk or crayons on wall?

It’s a glossy finish. Chalk or crayons will not work. Dry erase crayons can be used.

What is the surface requirement of WriteOnWall?

Smooth surface is recommended. It will require satin or gloss type smooth painted wall.

Why should primers/sealers required on wall?

Primers and Sealers help give a surface a smooth finish. Secondly, they act to 'seal' a surface. In summary, using a primer or sealer means you will get a smoother surface with optimum write-on wipe-off functionality.

How should I clean & maintain my wall surface?

Erase it with a micro-fiber cloth. Spritz a small amount on the area to be cleaned and wipe with a micro-fiber cloth. Then wipe with a towel saturated with water to remove any residue. Using a paper towel, dry the surface and you’re ready to write.

How long it will last?

With proper maintenance and normal wear and tear, it retains its dry-erase ability for 5+ years indoors. It’s guaranteed not to crack, peel, stain, yellow or fade with proper use and maintenance.

How can i remove WriteOnwall from surface?

If you ever want to remove this surface then you can simply paint over it just as you do any painted wall. lightly sand the surface, prime & then paint it.