Magneto  - Write On Walls


No more whiteboards and flip charts and holes in the walls of rented homes & offices or sticky tape that often damages beautiful drawings of your kids . Our Magneto product, a Magnetic plaster proves that it is possible to share information in an efficient and appealing way.

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Technical Specification


  • It is applied by mixing with water, does not smell, does not harm human health and environmental. Magneto Plaster does not damage computer monitor, mobile phone, TV, credit card, ATM card even though it creates a magnetic field.


  • The application is done as one or two layers and Magneto applied with 1 mm thickness is spreaded and trowelled. After these processes, any interior paint with primer can be applied. It should be waited for at least 24 hours for the paint application on Magneto.


  • You can also convert Magneto wall to writable + magnetic by applying WriteOnWalls – writable paint.


Magneto plaster can convert any walls to Magnetic wall.

This need to applied before final top coat paint.

Magneto plaster is a water based and very easy to apply.